err...i've got a qustion i've haven't seen addressed.

i went to the fujifilmusa and to freestyle website and couldn't find any mention of the "polaroid" instant film for...the holgaroid. :rolleyes:

i'm out on the road, away from home, and don't have the camera or the box for the polaroid film in front of me, so i don't have the product number/name handy. it makes wee little gems of (3"x3", i think) b&w prints.

when i bought it a few years back the film was still available (here and there), with polaroid pulling the plug on it's instant film products it looks like i am...out of luck unless fuji revives this quirky, low volume item...aarrgghhh!!

any one have one? also, anyone know of any current sources for this format film? i'd appreciate any insights and ideas (besides sinking it in my son's aquarium for the the fish to frolic around).

...what was i thinking??