I assume that to be a published member doesn't require that your published works be photographs. That part of my career is in the past.

Does it matter if the published works are on a legitimate Web site? By that I mean a site by a respected publisher.

I retired two weeks ago, and photography remains my hobby. However, my published works go on.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Toledo Blade, from where I retired, has added me as a writer of a blog/column appearing regularly on its Web site toledoblade.com. My smiling face appears on the first page of the site. I can still take photos and add them to my postings as I choose.

It gives me something to do in retirement for a few hours each week. I have the freedom to write on just about any topic I want.

And it helps keep me off the streets and out of the pool halls.

Check out the first couple blogs on toledoblade.com. Comment, critique or complain about them if you'd like. There's a link to respond directly to me at the bottom of each blog post.

Ken Rosenbaum