Thanks Thomas, no problem with me doing the organizing....It's supposed to be fun! :-D It would be really cool to see Bill, Ike and others up here this year. Especially if Bill brings his his wet plate set up! I do have to ask about an itinerary and format of the trip. Last year we camped out at Schroeder MN. We stayed in one place, and I know that other gatherings move around somewhat. As some folks are camping, I'd like to keep the amount of moving to a minimum, but am not sure how that fits with everyone. This year, the original plan was to camp at the Temperance River State park as it's so central to other spots along the shore that are easily driveable to. So I'd like to get a concensus, does this suit everyone, or should we plan on moving camp to other areas a few times? Or do we stay put centrally and have a base to go to and from during our stay? I'm open to any ideas. I do not know who would plan on camping, and or staying in a hotel though, and I think the hotel/B+B stayers might have more flexibility than the campers. Either way, lets explore our options, and start to lock in a plan. To me, the camping is part of the adventure of going and taking pictures, but it's not that for all people. So please let me know what your preference is. Here is how we can do it. List whether you'd like to camp in one central place, Camp and move around, Hotel it and stay in one place, Hotel it and move around?

Andrew Moxom preference to camp centrally located at Temperence River State Park, and move camp if need be
Mgb74 preference ??
Zenrhino preference ??
Eclarke preference ??
Thomas Bertilsson preference ??
Deisenlord preference ??
George Minerich preference ??
Bill Schwab preference ??

Thanks... I'm looking forward to it!