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You consider it worth persevering with then ? What sparked your interest ?
I have been curious about carbon for many years, like Thomas I have the Modern Carbon printing book by Luis Nadeau, that I got from him, it has been sitting on my shelve for about 8 years, so I figure is time for me to try it. I have never seen a carbon print, so I want to know what it looks like. The rest is just pure undiluted stubburness.

I realize my first attempt will not be perfect, but if I can see just a glimmer of a nice process, I might just keep on doing it. I like the fact that you can do many color, and even true color prints, I have seen some in the internet and they look fabulous, so the real thing must be amazing. The print King has in the Comming Into Focus book also looks real nice, so....here I am with gelatin up to my armpits....