It's a smaller tent that will fit two (a squeeze) or you and your gear comfortably, although cameras will likely stay in our cars. So if you want it, it's yours for the trip? All you need is your sleeping bag, a flashlight, a fold up chair, and any food you would like. I'll bring a sleeping pad or two as well. All food prep can be done near my camper as we will have a coffee maker, several propane burners, lighting. Last year we cooked supper over an open fire a couple of times, and we ate out at a resort restaurant one night. George also brought some unbelieveable bacon from Foley Locker for breakfast. We lived and ate like kings. If others are RV'ing/tenting as well, there will be no shortage of stuff to share and make sure everyone is comfortable. :-) If the weather is not condusive to preparing food outside, we will find something along Hwy61.

So here is the latest:-

Andrew Moxom preference to camp centrally located at Temperence River State Park, and move camp if need be
Mgb74 preference ??
Zenrhino preference ??
Eclarke preference ??
Thomas Bertilsson preference to camp centrally at Temperance River State Park.
Deisenlord preference would be open to camping centrally located, but may hotel it.
George Minerich preference to camp centrally at Temperance River State Park
Bill Schwab preference No preference, will go with the flow.