My son is since a week now permanently living in New Zealand on North Shore with his (hopefully) wife to be. After 5 years in Sweden Alana got homesick and they decided to move to nicer climate. Wish I could do the same.
Well, they both have asked me to visit and suggested that I at the same time had an exhibition if itīs possible. They asked me to try to find out some Gallery / ies that they can visit and show some of my pics to see if there would be someone interested.

What I found on Internet is that NZ galleries mostly is interested in NZ artwork or international mega-artists. I donīt meet any of these criterias.

So, the best place to ask where to start would absolutely be here ...

My personal interest is not just galleries but also small artshops, coffehouses with artdispay or local foto/artsociety on both South and North Island where I can visit and have a weekendexhibition or evening. I donīt know how things work at NZ so various suggestions is most appreciated.

Planning now but it will take at least 2 years before itīs actual.

All the best
Eva "liza" Lundh