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ok friendly people...which apug forums are your favorites? do you post images...why or why not? what other photog forums do you cruise?
Welcome to APUG Lori, from the south-west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

You have a great website, with wonderful photos, and interesting text.

As to your questions, I don't know that I have a favorite APUG forum. One of the best things about APUG is that there is all sorts of interests represented here, and I get to learn about and enjoy them, even those who work in areas of photography that I don't now, and probably wont ever work in (such as ULF).

I post images, because I like seeing the images of others and hope others might find mine interesting too. It also greatly expands my opportunity to share my enjoyment of photography with others, many of whom may be half a world away.

I found APUG through photonet, but I hardly ever go there now. If I visit anything else, I probably learned about it here.

Again, welcome.