Once you get everything in order you will be amazed how easy it is.

Don't worry too much about the FAR/AIM (Film Agitation Regulations/Analog Information Manual) for now.

Since you already have an FBT (Flying Blind Ticket), the procedures should come easy to you. While we don't really have any published SIDs, STARs or Controlled Dark Airspace, some basic procedures apply.

Take-off and climb out is IMC with total electrical failure in darkness. No foggles, no partial panel, no flashlights taped to your leather cap, etc. As long as you stand still or are seated, vertigo should not be a factor -- no strobes. Ditch the silk scarf.

The good news is that the enroute, holding pattern, approach and landing are all done VMC! Although there are a couple mandatory checkpoints along the way, there is nobody to report it to -- shout your ETAs all you want, nobody gives a hoot -- you can still key the mic too if it makes you feel better but not on take-off -- ya might activate the lights! There are some published holding patterns and approaches, but you are free to devise your own as you see fit.

Just remember...
Always file a Film Plan and test your ELT before entering DARK AIRSPACE -- many have gotten lost in there!