At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

It was probably a tough short spring for many, but I hope anyone interested in this subject got there plants clipped, petals cut, or roots mashed.

I will be doing more anthotypes very soon, because the sun will be shining at full speed ahead here in the California desert after June.

I have also used inkjet positives like photogirl28 but not on a transparency, but rather on inkjet paper itself and the image side facing the anthotype paper within the frame. This produces a mirror image of the original.

Here is one anthotype I did last year:

Musical Repose

Blended Beets, cheap vodka, and distilled water on watercolor paper. 3 weeks exposure facing the desert sun as much as possible.

I suppose doubling the positive will allow for a darker definition in the image, I think I will try that.

One of the other things I would like to try for this, is a motorized solar tracking frame. It gets very tedious moving a chair 3 to 6 times a day to track the sun, that is provided a person has time to do this. Afterall, who wants to spend their vacation time (about 3 weeks) moving a picture frame in a 180 degree or less arcing curve.

I would also like to thank Akki14 for providing the inspiration to do the anthotype process in the first place, her Purple Iris Southbank image was the first anthotype image I found that made me want to do one myself.

I find this subject fascinating, and a building experience in patience.

And for those who do not think they have the patience, I am not sure if it is true, but I have read that blueberry juice and 4 to 6 hours exposure from a UV lamp will bring up an image.

BTW does anyone know what plants will yield darker greens? Most greens I have seen are bit on the yellow end.