So I've got a big enlarger now. I may get lucky and find some sort of camera for a reasonable price. Hey it could happen-) Once I get to that point how do I deal with the film?

1) Tray development. I can see this working just fine for one sheet at a time but how much of a hassle is it to do say 4 or 5 sheets? I get the impression most people recommend 5x7 trays when doing 4x5s. Why not 8x10? Is it to just save on the chemicals? Or something else?

2) Daylight tanks. Seems the Yankee model is not highly regarded.

3) Tubes made out of PVC pipe. This seems ideal in many ways. What are the drawbacks?

4) I've heard something about hangers that can be used to just dunk into each tank. I could handle this even if it wasn't daylight proof. Actually sounds okay but I'm guess the tanks use alot of chemicals.

Now an enlarging forums exists should a developing forum exist to-)