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I bought a couple of Exaktas from the estate of the late Jim Upton who was a competent repairman and replaced the shutter curtains.
A common fault with Exaktas is shutter curtain pinholes. I dealt with this by diluting 'Plasti-dip' as sold for dipping tool handles and carefully painting the shutter curtains. This salvaged a beautiful 'embossed' nameplate VXII acquired at a jumble sale.
I hadn't realised Jim Upton had died.

Shutter pinholes are indeed common, Fabric paint will definately sort the problem in the short term, but you might find the shutter speeds go wonky afterwards. I will generally spot them to check for other faults, and if theres not a lot else wrong send them for service. But I do generally build the cost of service into the amount I'm willing to pay.