Hi people!

I'm fairly new to analog photography, but when I started it last year, I immediately fell in love with the more tactile approach and the fact you actually have to think about what you're doing before you take a photo (when you don't want to sob about the shots that are pretty much worthless) so I have become a film aficionado in virtually no time!

Obviously I did some digital photography before and have shot a bunch of rolls on film cameras before those days, but even though I liked it, I never got quite carried away with it. That was until I heard of Holgas, I bought a 120CFN shot a couple of rolls and haven't stopped ever since! (budget permitting that is) I dug up the old Minolta 7000AF we had lying round here and the Polaroid Image, shot with those too and just loved it.

My next steps, hopefully, would probably be to get a proper medium format camera (Hasselblad, Mamiya or something like that - saving up for it) and to set up a bit of a darkroom for myself. Bumped into this forum whilst on the look for info about that last point so I thought to sign up and say hello, and hopefully be able to either contribute or get some of my questions answered

More on me: I'm 23 and live in Belgium and my other main addiction is music, mainly Prog rock, (post) punk and Krautrock. Anything weird and experimental usually can get me going though I really love all sorts of stuff!