At last! My love has come along. My lonely days are over, and life is like a song!

I just snagged a Rollei SL66 outfit on eBay that is a dream come true:

SL66 body with back
80mm Planar HFT
150mm Sonnar by Zeiss
120mm f5.6 S-Planar by Zeiss
30mm F-Distagon HFT by Rollei
lens hood meant for lenses from 80mm to 250mm
aluminum carrying case

All items in excellent, near-mint or mint condition.

I have wanted a SL66 for many years now and I finally found the dream outfit for me. I love the macro abilibies, the bellows and the tilt feature.

If I like it as much as I think will, I will soon be selling a large Bronica SQ-B outfir to offset the cost. I"ll let everyone here know about it first before I submit to eBay in case anyone wants a manual 6x6 outfit in excellent\mint condition