I am not sure if this belongs in this forum or not. Recently I purchased some items from a local person who had advertised on Craig's List. He was selling his grandfather's equipment. His grandfather was a newspaper photographer here in southeast Florida.

With his grandfather's equipment he found explicit pornographic photos from 1920 to 1940. The photo's from the 40's were of sailors and island women of the South Pacific. These are also pornographic. The images from the 20's to 40's have the dates written on them. The images were taken with a Graflex. And some with a Rolleicord. These would have been taken in New York City in that time span.

He has both the negatives and corresponding print image. This person's only interest is to sell them. He does not want to keep any, nor is he interested in this content. In fact he was surprised of his grandfather's secret side.

Also, there are pictures of atomic bomb testing in the south pacific. These were described as incredible.

Since he is interested in selling them and I have no interest in this content except for idle curiosity I have decided to put this on this forum. Does anyone know how this person can sell and to who may be interested? I mentioned socialology historians may be interested. At least historians. I find this so unusual this occurred in our history. Even academics may be interested.

I hope I have not offended anyone by presenting this question here. I believe there must be a collector out these who may be interested.