Nice pic.

For a lot of what I shoot, getting the pix I want has to do with having 90% of the technical issues taken care of before the shot. Taking the time to meter and, often, to focus will make me miss what I want to get. So, I am constantly changing the settings on my camera as the light changes; getting it ready to grab a printable shot. Constantly focusing on a different zone depending on how far away I think I might be shooting.

I always admire good portrait shooters. It's something I do not enjoy in the least. Just shot a studio portrait on 4x5 last night. It's tough, even with a 400 film. Flash would help loads...damn 1K M-Rs are not enough when you have to stop down to f/11 to get D of F on a 360 lens. hard for people to hold perfectly still for 1/2 sec...Wish the school would get at least 2K models. But, people have done way more using way less...that's what frustrates me.: it should be easy for me, but it's not. I also hate working with people in a studio. I much prefer environmental portraits.