Nikon F3HP, [EX]: beautiful cosmetices meter intermittent. Returned for another.
second one: cosmetics excellent, shutter wrinkled and not exposing full frame at high speeds - returned for refund.

A year and a half later:
Nikon FA , [EX]: missing eyepice, +/- light on continuously no matter what exposure compensation dialed in (including 0). exchange for
second Nikon FA: also missing eye piece. little shutter speed display in view finder dead. Exchanged for..
third Nikon FA: Worked in manual mode only. None of the auto exposure modes worked at all. Returned for refund.

Nikon FE (BGN): looked pretty good. I might have called it excellent cosmetics on ebay. Meter dead. Returned and vowed "Never Again".

By contrast, I've only once needed to return a LF lens - and it was obvious that hey just simply shipped the wrong lens. It wasn't even close - except the focal length was the same as I had originally ordered. Unfortunately, they did not have the lens I ordered in stock. So, got a refund and bought one from Jim at MPEX.