David, when we first started I e mailed Tuan and we have a link exchange with his site, is on the front page. As to the LF forum Tuan started there is some kind of hassle going with photo.net as to the archives, who should keep them etc. As I understand, Tuan got screwed and photo.net does not want the LF forum to move once more, IOW they sort of stole the forum under the "well Philip Greenspun was hosting it so we are keeping it" then there was supposed to be a "vote" by the members to see if they wanted the LF forum to stay at PN or move back under Tuans control, but then BM and PN backed out. In the end I think Tuan has gotten discouraged and they have let the forum die.
After almost a couple of years I doubt pretty much the forum will move from pn and that there will be any further development for the LF forum.

Since we have a link exchange with him I think it would be redundant to have the threads archived and posted in his site. His is more of an information site where the contribuitions are in the form of "articles" or reports, our is more of a free exchange Q&A type of site and I dont see them coupling well enoguh to warrant the effort on both parts.
Personally I think Tuan is great and certainly would love to colaborate with him on any project, I just dont think this one is the one. OTOH I have no objection of having anyhting I have written reposted in his site.