The only thing to bear in mind with the return policy is this: you live in Canada like I do, so you have two shipping options. Either the very expensive (but super-fast) UPS Express, which is the only option to give you a tracking number, or the FedEx Letter Parcel or whatever it's called. The latter means that KEH give the package to FedEx, and at the border, FedEx transfers it to CanadaPost regular parcel service, i.e. no tracking number, and five weeks at least for delivery.

I'm in the process of finding out what an exchange means in terms of shipping fees. When the Rollei shipped to me, it cost 76$ shipping, plus 60$ of duty. Now I have to return it, so it's going to be at least an extra $30+ depending on how I ship it back. The Mamiya kit will have to be shipped as well, and I'm not letting Canada Post delay again a 500$ package for me for a month.

So I've talked with KEH and asked them to "meet me midway" and help me cover the shipping for the exchange. They were receptive, and we'll see how it evens out.

Bottom line: that 150$ you are saving on BGN product is not a saving if you have to exchange the camera.