Yes, it works. I've tried to be low key about it, but it sure works and works well, with the films I've worked out the right amount of bromide and iodide for, which at this time are Fuji Superia 200 and Kodak Gold 400. I'm very close on others, and I've shot with Fuji Superia 800 at ISO 3200 and been quite please.

I printed Fuji 200 negatives developed in the home brew tonight on Kodak Supra Endura. The prints are actually beautiful(though the subject matter was just some grab shots on the way home from work). I hope to do as well with Fuji Superia 100 and Kodak Gold 100. The images are very sharp, very clear, with excellent saturation. I'm thinking I'm picking up a full stop of speed, but I've not really tried to evaluate that aspect yet. Anyone with the chemicals and the film, especially the Fuji 200, should give it a try. I've not worked as much with the Kodak 400 but I believe it is just as nice.

And yes, balancing the diffusion of the restrainers into the layers is the problem, and it has taken a lot of test strips for me to get to this point. By the way, I have a Beseler dichro 67S enlarger, and the yellow and magenta settings for printing on the Kodak Supra with the Fuji 200 negatives were 120 and 130, respectively.

Good luck.