There is not enough money in this world to convince me to start shooting weddings. I've assisted a few, and I shot one for my cousin, as her wedding present. I literally saved her wedding, because the "pro" they hired shot the entire thing in 35mm, including the large group formals, and all the faces were tiny little dots, so you couldn't tell who was who. The "pro" also only had a 28, 35, and 50mm lenses, so the close-ups at the ceremony weren't very close-up either. I was happy enough to do the photos that I did as a wedding present and leave it at that, but I got a phone call telling me how my photos "saved the wedding", and they were going to place an order for reprints. Well, their 10th anniversary is coming up soon, and I haven't gotten the order yet. I'm sure they took the proofs to Ritz and made copies.

Then there was the story from a co-worker about the time she almost got punched out by the (VERY drunk) father of the bride for making the bride cry. Why was the bride crying? Because daddy had fired the wedding photographer.