The faculty and processes covered in the PhotoCentral Alternative processes Workshop have been finalized.

June 21 & 22, 2008 at PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA.

Celac Colvert will be teaching van Dyke Brown printing. Celac works for Keeble and Shuchat Photography in Palo Alto, CA, a photo supply store and firm supporter of analog photography in the SF Bay Area.

Kate Jordalh will be covering cyanotype and toning cyanotypes. As mentioned ove, Kate and her husband Geir founded PhotoCentral 20 years ago. Kate is also the dean of Art at Foothill College. She also was the editor of Geir's latest book, Searching for True North -- an amazing book of images.

And I will be teaching Carbon Printing. I am looking forward to a fun but information-packed and busy time. This is a hands-on workshop!