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So, with the upcoming 8x20 aquisition I'm getting ready to plunk down some change and order some film.

I'm finding out that I have more choices than I thought I would...and am starting to wonder which film will be around a reasonably long time, and what other folks are using.

I will primarily be doing alt. processes with the film, and with 8x20 would like the option of keeping exposure times short if I wish (a higher speed film maybe???).

I'm not married to any particular type/brand/speed of film right now, but am liking the Ilford in 120 sizes for GSP's. I have been using the Berger 12x20 film, but have had mixed results (operator error more than likely).

Looking for input as to what type of film you are using, why you are using it, and what other film you *wish* you were using...and why.

Let 'er rip!

Are you planning to print with alternative processes with these negatives? If so, the best films are T-MAX 400, FP4+ and Efke PL100. They all are capable of the high average gradient you need with most alt processes. Efke is the best bargin in ULF films, IMO.

If you plan to print silver any of the films should give good results.