On my way to Freestyle RIGHT NOW to buy some Efke PL25 in 12x20 for my pinhole.

Any of these films are good. I would go for HP5 myself if I had my way. It is very versatile and I already know it very well. But the Efke is very nice and very cheap. I have not had one problem with it in all formats and all speeds. I am not going to bother to special order something from Ilford when I can just pick up the Efke off of the shelf. It is a marvelous film.

Personally, I find TMax and Delta to be ugly films. But that's my opinion. Then again, it seems common to state opinion as fact in this thread, so I'm gonna just stick with what I said.

In short, just pick one and see how you like it. Your film choice is the least of your worries. A bad pic is a bad pic regardless of what film you use, and a good pic is a good pic regardless of what film you use. If you have the ability to make good pix on that camera, they will be good with any of the available films.