I didn't take it as such. And I feel any comments pointing out either negative or positive attributes will help me to do better. I do not have the background in chemistry that either you or PE are fortunate to have, my field is electronics. And I do not have at my disposal even a densitometer, just an EM10, and some old 'True Balance Set UP Negatives' to compare with as well as some negatives I've done at home with Kodak's C41 chemicals and many from the one hour labs. The very best negatives I have were all done at home in the Kodak chemicals. The worst, from the one hour labs. I looked at the strip of negatives that the two images I posted came from, and compared the mask with a recent one I developed in C41, and I do believe that the mask is a bit towards the yellow, maybe about 5cc yellow. So I will make a correction. I appreciate any comments or discussion that will help guide me!