I have only done one wedding. It was a wedding of American Civil War re-enactors. The wedding was done in period dress. They invited me because of my 5 x 7 view camera and period dress. ( I did reenactments for several years while working on a project.) It was a fun thing to do, but pretty stressful because of the nature of photographing large groups of people with a view camera.

I gave up the re-enactment photography subject because of technological advancements. I was pretty hot stuff for a couple of years showing up with my big camera and canvas sack. I knew the end of my career was at hand when I spotted a black wagon and a tent at a re-enactment. I wander over and find a fellow photographer in the field. Portrait stand camera, brass barrel lens, a chair and head clamp. I could take that, but when he showed me how he was developing ambrotypes in oak buckets I pretty much knew I was finished. The march (backwards) of technology did me in.