I have had my trip apart a couple of years becuase of all things the resistor popped off an end fitting, which put an end to auto metering. It would have been nice to have to see all of the steps to dissassemble it.

In the end my repair was to hold the restistor bits together with a bit of blu-tack.

There is a modification on the web to hook onto the lever that selects 1/40 vs 1/200 shutter spped setting, located under the exposure counter dial and allow you to 'pull a little bit of a ty rap' to allow you to use the camera on manual (ie flash settings) with the 1/200 shutter speed.

I have not yet made this modification, but I have verified that the metghod it discusses will work. I have set this project aside until the day when my other little Oly, the XA dies.