BTW, look at how many "hacks" there are now in the wedding industry who are shooting 40-200 pictures with their K1000 and WalMart flashes, or with their ____ 4MP digitals & printing the pics on their inkjets, who are "competing" with the real wedding photographers for jobs. Sadder yet, look how many of them are actually getting jobs!

That tells me what the consumer is expecting in terms of quality. I think the consumers have been "herded" so much into the thinking that since their wally-world pictures from yesteryear match their digitals from their desktop, that what they're getting IS pro-grade work!

I learned weddings from a pro who worked many, many years. I took what I learned, and developed my own style, but with the same courtesy, professionalism, and skill that I learned from the "old-schooler". Then, between what I've seen lately and what one can read on Photo-net with the "I was told that my snapshots at my _____'s wedding were better than the Pro's, so I'm shooting one next week for $300 and I need to know what to do..." type questions, I feel that just like the computer industry, the photo industry is going to crash to some lowly-form of life.

In the computer industry, we get idiots who buy a $600.00 computer and expect her to live for 5+ years. Maybe if it was 1982. Not today. Then, they complain that their 19xx Gankway box won't cut video, but they installed a 1394 Firewire card in it and "'The' Windows is the newest I could find", but the video still skips, take 9 hours to compile, etc.

Oh, well, I'm feeling too much like a philosopher now...time to quit.