Since it seems that the last effort for a social in the centre of the Canadian cosmos did not come to fruition, I am going to wade in from the north.

As we know, Nicole Boenig McGrade will be in Toronto on the 18, 19 June. I suggest getting together on Thursday, 18 June or Friday, 19 June to welcome her to Canada. After, of course, the natural light dims.

An alternative, or additional date, is 28 June, the day before Les McLean Day on 29 June. That may have to be moved to the end of the day on the 29th since he has some difficulty with Canadian beverages and he should be at least semi-conscious during his workshop (full or not-so-full bladder notwithstanding).

Time and location to follow depending on response. The likely neighbourhood will be Eglinton and Yonge, Mount Pleasant, Bayview or thereabouts.

Any takers?