Great that you have donated your backyard. So it is definitely the 20th June at Carnie's place. I will get the first three or four rounds. Just make sure that there are no flammable materials and a firepit if McLean is going to be there. I will gladly sacrifice my brain to drinking his Bushmills for his promise not to keep adding wood and stoking the fire.
Les, I will bring some very nice sipping whiskey from the Niagara Peninsula and, of course, some room-temperature Guiness. And if you promise to keep talking, I will promise to keep drinking.
Carnie, the Appleton Estates rum for you. And, of course, some nice chardonnay for Laura.

Suzanne, I am really glad that you are coming north and I am looking forward to meeting you. What is your beverage of choice? I am sure that I can find a Canadian option that will be a treat.

20 June, Bob's place.

We will talk about 29 June, Les, and the Pride Parade later and elsewhere.