I'm visiting Vancouver this month and really have to say something nice about some of the dealers here.

Yesterday I went to Beau Photo and today I went to Leo's Camera, both located in Vancouver (as I'm sure all of you know). Wow - what great dealers.

I managed to leave over $200 at each of them even though I wasn't really looking to buy anything.

Both have an exceptional stock of analog materials. Beau has tons of film (from many different manufacturers) with sizes as large as 8x10 in stock. (I didn't check Leo's film stocks since I have far too much film.) Both stores have huge selections of photographic paper and chemistry.

I've been to Toronto many times and nobody there (that I've visited) has the darkroom stock that either of these dealers has.

Anyway, if you are going to visit Vancouver, visit these stores. If you live here and don't use them, use them some and encourage them to keep supporting film photography.