Old School Sports Photography meant:

Shooting on a deadline for a Daily Newspaper that ran several editions during the day.

A picture above the fold that GRABBED you as you walked past the newstand was worth EVERYTHING !

Your tonal range was newspaper white, ink black, and 3 shades of grey. SIMPLE composition was essential.

A 4x5 Graphic was perfect for this world with a 127 lens; you could shoot a couple sheets of film
(through holes in the glass in the corners !) and send the holders back to the paper with the writer
if you had something else on your list. The guys at the paper had a vat of something to develop your film,
and kept it in the tank until the image was good enough to print. If it never came up, your next visit to the paper was usually short.

While this was WAY before my time, the place still smelled the same, cigar smoke and a bottle of rye in the bottom paper safe.

A moment to honor the best of the best by the best:
Weegee, by Halsman
(different cats, same jungle)