OK... Adding to the Bar-B-Que give-aways: Bunch of Polaroid 600 series cameras, two sx70 folders, 3 or 4 100E specials (take pack film and work with Fuji), mini-portrait camera that works with Fuji as well (takes two images on one sheet) and other arcane goodies from the cave of Dick Welch.

I also have, until Sunday, a Vivitar enlarger still in it's box, free to anybody who wants to come get it. There are other large and savory bits available from this move, but I can't judge their current condition or promise when they will be out from under the pile. The trash man cometh on Monday. PM me if you're interested in anything in particular. No promises, but there is a lot of stuff going to the dump on Monday. Projectors? Slide materials? Movie stuff?