I love the passion. And I think you make a lot of sense. I keep trying to look for analogies in other media, since everything always seems to follow the same basic path. I think of BW filmstock, which probably followed exactly what you describe for analog/digital: it must have been VERY cheap when all the studios went color, yet I heard that when Schindler's List was made, the film was MUCH more expensive than color would have been. I think of film vs video in TV, which probably also went exactly as you describe photgraphy, except now you can spend thousands to get an Avid machine that makes your video look like film.

Off your main point...why do you have all the color stuff in that room of your house? Is it that you can do the work significantly better than a lab (film, not prints)?

And as for the Wisner...get the 8x10 and either crop or cut a darkslide. Then you get a bigger negative when you need one, and you have two formats with one camera without having to change a back.

Thank you again for the very well thought out response.