Sorry for not responding immediately and I hope you still find this useful.

I live in San Diego. Like you, I too wanted more than museum visits (though I love having MOPA here), and sought out alternative sources for photographic inspiration and direction. Here’s a web site to get you started:


It lists various clubs in the San Diego area, and they offer workshops, lectures, field trips, and general camaraderie with other imagers. The Polyphoto Club (www.polyphotoclub.com/) is quite active in a wide variety of areas.

Another wonderful source is Grossmont College (www.gcccd.edu) on the western edge of El Cajon, and easily accessible from most areas of San Diego. They have a phenomenal photography curriculum there, everything from tradition and digital arts, to large format, alternative processes, and an occasional historical lecture class. The professors there are top flight photographers and artist in their own right (google Suda House or Paul Turounet-just two of a staff of wonderful artists), and they just completed a state-of-the-art analog and digital photography lab. Take just one course a semester, cost around $100, and you will get more than you can dream of.

Hope this helps.