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There is an interesting-looking camera store on 41st St. just west of East and West Boulevard. I didn't have a chance to write down the name, but it seemed to have a good stock of used stuff visible in the window. Any word on this place?

You are referring to Kerrisdale cameras. Their used inventory at that main store is okay, although maybe a little pricey. They used to be great for film and darkroom and pro level equipment, but sadly they are now a pale imitation of their former self.

They have a few different stores. Strangely, the last time I was in their Victoria store, on Vancouver Island, it was a bit better for Darkroom supplies.

Lens and Shutter, on Broadway isn't too bad for darkroom, but the selection is shrinking every time I go there. The film choice is okay there, but clearly they prefer Fuji to Kodak.

If you are looking for 35mm P & S cameras, the Fotofun store near my office in New Westminster bought out somebody's inventory of a raft of that type of camera, and they are selling them all at really low prices (generally between $14.99 through $29.99). They are good people to deal with, and they continue to offer E6 and C41 and optical enlargements to 8x12, but their film and darkroom stock isn't great, and tends to be pricey.