When I went to RMIT to do photography (Australia's answer to the Brooks Institute in the US) we had to do still lifes. For most of the students this was their first time using a 4x5 camera and it was a steep learning curve. I think I was the only one who had their own 4x5. We were given a list of things we had to photograph over the course of the year, so we really had no choice of what we shot. I still really enjoyed the challenge of taking something as mundane as biycle parts or spaghetti or a bowl of eggs and making it look great by using the right lighting, background and props. We were using Fijichrome 64T and shooting polaroids to see if we had the lighting right. I haven't done any still lifes since then (1989) but I've been wanting to do some B&W's of flowers for a while now. This thread has firmed the resolve and as soon as my tax return comes in I'll buy a few boxes of film and get started.
I might even learn how to scan the results and post them here.