I've been thru most of Florida (except Panhandle); and all areas have much to offer. I do think that NE Florida has alot of variety; and, for those interested in visiting the area, here are some of my recommendations (from South to North):
Southeast Museum of Photography in North Daytona Beach area (across from Speedway). In new building, with some very good exhibits.
Bulow Creek, part of the very scenic Flagler Loop.
Bulow Plantation with its sugar mill.
Princess Place Preserve. Scenic with plenty of wildlife including deer.
Washington Oaks Beautiful gardens, and the seashore has some coquina rock outcroppings.
St Augustine Alot of tourists here but also much to see.
Guana Preserve with miles of hiking trails.
Pumpkin Hill with Salt Marsh and a tabby structure (probably early Broward homestead).
Kingsley Plantation.
Big Talbot Island with its dynamic coastline.
Ft Clinch and Fernandina. A well preserved brick Fort.
Cumberland Island. Across the St Marys River from Fernandina, the Dungeness ruins & wild horses make it a prime photo opportunity.

Maybe others can post their lists of sights to see; and we can then decide where to have an APUG meeting.