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Could someone please explain to me the difference btw a
Carl Zeiss Planar lens and a Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens is?
Are any of these autofocus?
Ok ... grinding fine:

The Planar is a six -element design, first introduced by Rudolph in 1895. The "standard" 80mm Zeiss lens on the Hasselblad 50X series ... and if memory serves, which it sometimes doesn't, the autoexposure-capable 2XX series - for many years has been the 80mm Planar.

The Sonnar is a seven-element lens first introduced by Bertele in 1934. In the Hasselblad this design is applied for use in the "longer" lenses: the 150mm Zeiss is a "Sonnar"

Neither are "zoom" lenses. The only Zoom I'm familiar with for the 'Blad, is a Schneider Variogon ... (I think) ... I've forgotten the focal length/s -- they are long ... something like 250mm - 500mm? - and 'WAY expensive - and I'm comparing these to the other Hasselblad lenses.

In practical use, the *only* difference is in the maximum speed and the (obvious) focal lengths. Otherwise I can't see one tenth of one iota of difference in quality.