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same old, same old

look up "Illuminations: Women Writing on Photography from the 1850s to the Present" and poke "Abbott" in the search term. Start reading from 203
Suddenly I remember that I have the book "A guide to better photography" by Berenice Abbott, published in 1941, in my library, and that she dedicated a chapter to Documentary Photography, p. 163. So I went to the reading...

...She quotes, among others, Beaumont Newhall "It is important to bear in mind that 'documentary' is an approach rather than an end... He (the photographer) will put into his camera studies something of the emotion he feels toward the problem, for he realizes that this is the most effective way to teach the public he is addressing. After all, is not the root meaning of the word 'document' (docere, 'to teach')?"

Question, if it's possible 'to teach' with some grace, some art?