Just wanted to start a thread about interesting places to photograph in the So Cal area. I've got a couple I thought I would share.

1. Ontario area in and around Archibald. There are some interesting opportunities. Just West of Archibald on Riverside Dr. there is a golf course while across the street is a dairy farm with cows. While people are playing a hole, others across the street might be shoveling manure, it's something of a strange contrast.

There is plenty of agricultural activity around this area, south on Archibald, just south of Riverside Dr one can find many interesting subjects. In that same area I observed some new track homes which sit adjacent to some massive electrical towers, something I would expect to see from Stephen Shore or John Humble.

2. In OC, I have been interested in Downtown Santa Ana, right around main street. Just plenty of old buildings and opportunities for street photography, as its a busy area and the architecture in that area has some character to it, which is saying a lot for the So Cal area.

3. Another area I have just recently been photographing is the mining towns of Red Mountain, Johannesburg, and Randsburg right off the 395 south of Ridgecrest. There are plenty of things to photograph there and I have been working on a series of old structures in the southwest so this area fell right in there with plenty of interesting structures. However, I have met some of the people in this area and found them to be more interesting, so I may explore that more.

Anyhow, just a couple areas that I thought I would mention. Anybody have some cool places in the So Cal area to share?