As my friend Dick gets closer and closer to the magical date when his lease on the space he's been in for years disappears, he has become looser and looser about what he wants to give or throw away. Up for grabs right now:

Chromega B
Dichroic C760
C700 (may not be complete)

606 (may be incomplete)

a Bogen 22A, an ancient and honorable Elwood 4x5 (rough shape but cool) and a Beseler 23C.

There are others, mostly incomplete and/or oddities, but that's about it... if you don't count the piles of projectors, movie and slide, and the trays that are threatening to start a colony of their own.

Here's the trick... You have to contact me very, very soon and come get them this Sunday between 2 and 4 in Maynard, MA. We can not ship any of this stuff. No charge but help in moving a few boxes downstairs would be appreciated. Who knows, you may want something else and Dick will find it sometime later this summer when he unpacks?