A traditional outfit would be some awful old Leica 35mm, a 50mm Elmar, and a 90mm Elmar, but I'd get one of the smaller Cosina/Voigtlander 21mm or 28mm lenses, both of which are appropriately tiny, and great lenses. Another nice lens, since you like wides, is the C/V 15mm, which makes a tasty small package on LTM Leicas. For a fastish 50, the collapsible 50mm Summicron rules.

Personally, a C/V 21mm/50 Summicron kit would be perfect for me. Having gotten rid of my Leica stuff, I'm carrying basically that combination in Nikon SLR equivalent, and it's not nearly as compact as the Leica version. When I had the 15 I didn't use it much, so I'd leave that out, myself. Either the 21 and the collapsible Summicron fit comfortably in a pocket. Squeeze in an extra roll of film, and you're done.

If you really want a fast W/A, the last Leica thread 28 I had was the C/V 28.1.9. It's a wonderful lens--the best 28 I've ever had--but large on a small Leica. It's discontinued, but Cameraquest still has some.