Since I can't edit my original post, just wanted to add my experiments with flash - since none of my cameras support TTL-flash, I'm just using the cheapest flash I could find that supports tilt and swivel - an Adorama Ultiblitz (I don't think it's a rebranded brand-name - it's Vivitar 283-ish, but has a 2nd front-only facing smaller flash unit, which I rarely use, and just says "made in China" on it, which isn't terribly helpful).

As it has a non-standard-size head, none of the pre-made diffuser caps fit properly. I experimented with one of the Lumiquest 45-degree velcro-attached bounce units, but as the flash has a fairly high guide number and with bouncing it never triggers the thyristor settings, it seems to completely overpower average-sized rooms, even when stopped down (the BW400CN seems to handle all the light with detail retained, it just...looks funny...hard to describe).

Instead, I've been using a Lumiquest Mini-Softbox, which velcros to the front of the flash head. Now, with the flash head pointing forward at the subject, the thyristor function does kick in, and with the Mini-Softbox the light is softened as well. With 35mm, the flash is high enough that I can use it on-camera without much issue, but I frequently use a folding Stroboframe flip bracket so I can get the same flash orientation if I change the camera orientation.

With this setup, and if I'm close enough to the subject, I end up with a higher-key portrait than I would otherwise, but it usually works pretty well, especially for females and children.

I'd post an example, but as I mentioned earlier I'm not quite happy with my focussing results yet...

And, yes, I do prefer natural light, but I find myself taking a lot of these informal shots inside when it's already dark outside, so if I want to do this at all I have to figure out how to do it with flash