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I like a lot of the submissions so far -- unfortunately I just can't seem to upload anything other than my first attempt -- everything is just too wide (900-950 pixels usually) and I don't know how to reduce it without getting a really pixelated image, which is useless to post. Maybe I'll be luckier the next round...
Hey mooseontheloose,

We're only half way through the May/June Monthly Shooting Assignment so don't give up on "Deterioration" just yet. You're only 100 pixels away (on the long end)!

Although I know how to get my images to the correct size for the APUG Gallery, I don't know to explain it very well so I'll just give you some numbers from one of my images ("The Party's Over"). The width in pixel dimensions is 850 pixels. In height is 569 pixels. The document size is 5.667" in width and 3.793" in height. The resolution is 150 pixels per inch. Hope that helps some how.