Great image Dan. You must be well pleased with what you have so far. Will the final print be toned?


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Here's my most recent attempt at printing. A refreshing change as compared to anything I have printed previous. I think my final interpretation ended with little to no changes in actual composition. My inital framing of the scene was very tight. When I made this exposure I never expected the final print to look better than the original scene. For me this is a very rare occurrence. Warning: I would not suggest making this type of exposure unless you are completely aware of the potential dangers to man and camera.

- First image: the scan of the negative.
- Second image: my computer version of what I invisioned it might be prior to actual printing.
- Third image: a scan of the final print.
- And lastly an explanation of my burn sequence. When I mention "a graduated burn", that means the effect you would expect from using a graduated filter, but creating it with a blocking device such as cardboard.

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City, April 2008,
5:30 PM, pointed into the sun.

Camera: Voigtländer Avus 9x12cm + Zeiss orange filter
Film: Efke PL 100 M
Exposure: 1/50 sec @ F/11
Dev: D-76 1:1

Omega D2 + 135mm Rodenstock
Paper: Fotokemika Varycon Matt FB 8x10
Dev: Dektol 1:1
Filter: #4 Kodak Polycontrast for entire print.

I would really like to see the water less dense in the final print. I'm still working on it.