caveat: I am a user of the Hasselblad´s distant cousin, the Kiev88. ;-)

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Thanks David.

Would you happen to know where I could order the light trap?

I seem to remember that people at the KievReport bought H´light traps for their Kievbacks - at ebay, at a few bucks each... 7Dollar? A bit steep for what you actually get. ;-)

Basically they one on a Kiev old style mag and on a A12 are the same - a folded up mylar or metal foil of trapezoid shape with a piece of sponge rubber in it. The rubber pushes the foil up, closing the seal.

If you don´t mind messing a bit on the magazine - try this:
I changed my 7 year old seals with foam rubber, black, 0,5mm thickness, cut to the shape and placed under the mask - works decent, the seal is tight.

Or replace the old foam with a new piece of the same dimension - it is the flexibility of the foam that serves the purpose.