Hi All,

I'll be upgrading the core forum system this week/weekend from 3.6.8 to 3.7.1

This is not a typical patch style upgrade, you'll notice we are going from 3.6.x to 3.7.x

I expect the core forum will be functional after the upgrade and I will be working with a coder through the weekend to get code fixes in place for all the site modifications we have in place (for example sidebars, portfolios, chatroom, gallery, classifieds, etc). I'll have a notice in the site header that APUG will not be operating 100% for several days as we work through the code fixes. Some of the upgrade will require the site to be locked and unavailable for several hours.

Why upgrade? To name a few.. The core 3.7 system is far more secure, better performance, better moderation tools, and has a new set of features incorporating social networking functions for subscribers. For example let's say you would like to create your own private social group, with the new system you can do this. You can create a private (or public) group which you moderate and you can invite members to that group. I believe the site is large enough now that such groups will not detract from the main forums. One of the requirements for creating a social group is that your intention is not to circumvent already established areas in the forum (for example you would not create a group called "Darkroom Equipment" which is already a forum topic, but you may create a group "Snakeskin Camera Lovers" or "APUG Trekkies", anything you may find interesting or fun. It is likely I will start migrating some of the member organized functions and regional areas to the social groups system. If someone wants to start a new member function or regional group they can create it on the spot themselves, invite people or open it up to all.

This is just scratching the surface. Once we're solid on 3.7 and the core gallery & classifieds are upgraded I can then revisit many items on the back burner (articles system, etc).

I'll keep you posted.