thank you for the information and links, I have something to read now!

I'd be curious to know what makes Crawley a place not suitable for raising children...

About the example price (200000), it was just well.. an example price to make calculations easier. It does seem that one needs a little more than that to move a family in.

And when I wrote "house" I mean house, flat... bungalow (?).. etc..

Here in Italy when we say house we mean "anything" somebody can live in.. and only after we distinguish between a flat (appartamento), a house (villa), etc... What stroke me in my initial search on the web, beside the prices which are obviously higher than around here, is that bedroom seem so small. I doubt our furniture will fit in there. On the other hand, it's nice to see that when you buy a new house/flat it usually comes with the complete kitchen and appliances.

Finally, I apologize if all this sounds too off topic (something which I warned you about at opening of my thread). I remembered there's a conspicuous set of people joining the forum from UK and I wanted to capitalize on your knowledge