We are fortunate to live in such a photogenic area. Here's a few place in the Southland I like to shoot:

1) Palomar Mountain - for the nature photographers this is a cool place in that it is a unique ecosphere: part Northern California, part southern desert, there is flora and fauna here that is nowhere else in the world.

2) Balboa Park - San Diego's urban park and home to the 1915 PanAmerican Exposition. The zoo is here for animal photogrpahers; the highly decorative facades of the buildings for the architechural photographer, and plenty of people shots doing everything under the sun (both literally and figuratively).

3) Pacific Railroad Musuem - in Campo, about 60 miles east of San Diego. For the ferroequus fan; beautiful trains and all that comes with it, including train excursions, yards and buidings.

4) In-Co-Pah - a geological area with fabulous rock formation. Heading east out of San Diego for about 90 miles, the landform changes from mountainous to desert, and In-Co-Pah is the transition area. Geologically young, the land is littered with huge boulders in all manner of interesting formations.

5) And recently I took a trip to Joshua Tree North, up by Twenty-Nine Palms. I could spend a year there imaging!