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I just moved to the Imperial Valley and can attest to In-Co-pah and the Imperial Sand Dunes as both being interesting places to photograph. If you can bear the insane heat there are definitely great photo oppurtunities here.
The sand dunes a very cool, especially when the wind is blowing and the sands are dynamic. However, if the winds are very high, be sure to have a protective filter over your lenses as the sand can etch glass in no time flat. You can't see it, but its happening.

The Imperial County also has a lot of agriculture to image, and then there's the Salton Sea. I've done a fair amount of shooting around "The Slabs" which are mostly abandoned RV pads at the Sea's edge. There are old RV's and trailers being consumed by the land and sea, and there's this guy out there who's painting a mountain (actually a small hill). Great for those that shoot both B&W and color.